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Dissyco New Collection: “Get an Extra Life”

Dissyco’s new collection: Get an Extra Life. It goes without saying that, this collection takes inspiration from the earliest days of the current millennia going digital. Three graphic t-shirts, an equal number of casual shorts, and two socks decorate the line-up of this collection. “Pixelate the World” – This new t-shirt features a pixelated distorted […]

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The Beginning of DISSYCO’s New Life

Set on new beginnings and a stronger identity moving forward, Dissyco undergoes a complete rebranding adopting one of the most nostalgic and defining elements of the millennia – you guessed it, pixels. The total rebrand takes off with a wave of changes, most notably Dissyco’s overall identity now taking strong cues from its newly redesigned […]

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DISSY PRESENTS: EP 4 – The Millennium Technology

EPISODE 4 – The Millennium Tech For our fourth episode, The Millennium Tech, our black tees take inspiration from computer graphics of the 80s and 90s, millennium codes, and the era-defining technology company, IBM. For our orange tees, we took inspiration from Military Radar Systems with our distorted and glitch effects. For EPISODE 4 we […]

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Dissy Co’s first concept collection, encapsulates garments that takes cues from traditional Chinese art elements. Calligraphy, drawings, paintings and other cultural and artistic significants of Chinese history harks to the designs and colors of the collection. The colors of the collection correspond with the five elements of the Chinese Zodiac, red for fire, yellow for […]