Dissyco New Collection: “Get an Extra Life”

Dissyco New Collection: “Get an Extra Life”

Dissyco’s new collection: Get an Extra Life. It goes without saying that, this collection takes inspiration from the earliest days of the current millennia going digital. Three graphic t-shirts, an equal number of casual shorts, and two socks decorate the line-up of this collection.

“Pixelate the World” – This new t-shirt features a pixelated distorted image of Earth, underscored by Dissyco’s new tone moving forward with the message imploring the reader to pixelate the world – aptly put, to view the world in a different deserving way. 

Tagging along the shirt in the collection is a classically designed t-shirt, accentuating Dissyco’s future with its new logo. In order to achieve the pixelated effect of the typeface, a signature 5 layers silkscreen block was layered on top of another. The silkscreen also helps in bringing the visuals to newer life.

Lastly, but very far detached from least, is the “+1UP // GET AN EXTRA LIFE” t-shirt. The shirt strongly spotlights the new tagline for the brand – “+1UP” in the front, “GET AN EXTRA LIFE” at the back. 

Each of the t-shirts comes with an option for two different colours, and the miniaturized version of Dissyco’s new logo at the bottom-right back side. The options range from off-white, blue, brown, dark grey, or black – depending on the t-shirt. 

The casual shorts come in a choice of maroon, khaki, or black. Made with quality nylon, the shorts don the brand’s new logos, in full form, on the front-bottom left, and miniaturized form, at the back-bottom right sides.

A collection is never truly complete without socks, and the brand pays heed to this. Coming in white or army green, these sport socks are ensured for comfort and durability, made with premium cotton and spandex. The socks display the brand’s new logos in both formats, keeping in line with the tradition of the rebranding and collection.

Get an Extra Life is set to be launched on the 9th of October, 2021 – 12:00 P.M. Keep a lookout, world – you’re going to need all the extra lives you can get!


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