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Though we journey forward, we never forget how it all started. Episode 2 represents a journey to the past for DISSY, with the heart and soul of the collection paying homage to what gave the brand its notoriety, to begin with, being a platform for entertainment.

With so many memorable characters with different personalities, DISSY’s roster of videos is its imprint on pop culture today. DISSY videos are always in fashion, and as such, we’ve projected some of the brands most viral videos into themes for EPISODE 2.

DISSY did Malaysia a great service when they made a video that helped Malaysians spot lala zhai’s. To commemorate that, the brand has immortalized its famous lala Ah Beng A.K.A Tophill Black Viper in the form of a graphic tee. No more joining a gang to be a gangster, just wear the tee.

Spearheading the collection is DISSY’s NO PRANK NO GAIN graphic tee, which is a mantra that pays tribute to how it all started for the YouTube channel: Poking fun at YouTubers who would do anything to gain followers.

Completing the collection are other graphic tees, a bowling shirt, a hoodie, and a tote bag that long-time fans of DISSY will instantly recognize, thanks to the iconic characters and titles that its designed after.

Having learned a thing or two from EPISODE 1, The fabrication & fit of the collection is much improved, characterizing the evolution of DISSY’s venture into fashion.