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Ep 3 Journal 001


Dissy Co’s first concept collection, encapsulates garments that takes cues from traditional Chinese art elements. Calligraphy, drawings, paintings and other cultural and artistic significants of Chinese history harks to the designs and colors of the collection. The colors of the collection correspond with the five elements of the Chinese Zodiac, red for fire, yellow for earth, grey for metal, blue for water, and green for wood.

 The collection anticipates the brand’s foray in introducing garments marked by better fabrication, at better price points. In adopting 290g of heavyweight premium cotton for tshirts and 360g for hoodies and sweaters, the bulk of the collection secures itself as sturdy and reliable wear. For the shirts, tie-dye premium linen ensures pronounced soft to skin wear. The colors are achieved through stone wash, a method that undermines the orthodox, giving colors a washed-off and vintage aesthetic.

To distinguish The Dynasty from its preceding successors, a new redesign of the Dissy logo was made from ground-up, impulsed by traditional Chinese calligraphy, to concoct an entirely new identity befitting this menagerie of designs. The Dynasty is also slated to be Dissy’s venture into regularly releasing concept collections, with this being the first out of the 2 or 3 planned annual concept collections.

Episode 3 – The Dynasty is set to launch on the 20th January 2020 on their online store.