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The Beginning of DISSYCO’s New Life

Set on new beginnings and a stronger identity moving forward, Dissyco undergoes a complete rebranding adopting one of the most nostalgic and defining elements of the millennia – you guessed it, pixels.

The total rebrand takes off with a wave of changes, most notably Dissyco’s overall identity now taking strong cues from its newly redesigned logo set to be adopted throughout all of Dissyco’s future works.

Dissyco is most known for their concepts of revamping, rebirthing, and altering perceptions of the past for something unique, surpassing the past whilst paying homage to it. The logo was completely designed with this approach and applied to the signature block elements of pixels by renewing it with strong evident curves into the typeface to give it stronger visibility and identity.

Headlining the rebrand is Dissyco’s new tagline moving forward: Made in Pixel // GET AN EXTRA LIFE // +1UP. Inspired by the video games many of us grew up with, the messaging signifies the evolutionary “level-up” and next life of Dissyco’s branding and messaging. The tagline sets the tone for what’s next to come – change and transformations that symbolize new beginnings, and all the exciting things that come with.

Royal blue becomes the new primary colour for Dissyco, inspired by the clear visibility and strong identity of something we pass by everyday whilst in a car – road signs. Dissyco was inspired by this and adopted the trademark blue to remind themselves of the important things: to always stand out from the rest.

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