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Utilising a series of nude colours, DISSY’s first collection embodies the human origin story. The nude colours of each piece make it ideal to be worn as a second skin, with the brand’s signature idiosyncratic identity attached to each piece.

DISSY is all about making abnormalities the new normality, and it reflects in the brands “Inside Out” reversible tee shirts. One tee shirt, two styles. Blend in or stand out, the choice is yours.

The same blueprint can be seen on DISSY’s inside out cap. The brand draws inspiration from Malaysian culture by taking aspects of the traditional kufi cap and giving it the DISSY treatment, resulting in a cap that makes a statement in the most subtle of manners.

Topping off the collection is the DISSY Mask Cover. At close to cost price, the fabric mask covers not only offers users an affordable way to take the conventional face mask and give it more personality but also gives DISSY the opportunity to give back to its community.